I hope this doesn't seem *too* crazy or unrealistic.

While folks are preselecting their free AT&T replacement handsets, I want to offer to buy a Brand New Unopened Palm Pre Plus from AT&T w/o Contract.

30.00USD (somewhat negotiable, although I bet they'll be free to "new" ATT customers w/contract). I'll pay freight/shipping up to $10.

If you want to lock in a sale price on your Aria (same preowned/unused condition), I could consider that instead, I guess. I just need to know asap so I can preselect the Pre Plus. ("preselect"? what is that" select before I select??? )

I only want to buy one device. I'm not looking to resell. I want to get an Aria and a Palm Pre Plus (I have my reasons, laugh all you want! ) so I figure I'll have to buy one of them.

So I guess I'm looking here for somebody that would like to somehow make a deal before the transition. I don't think we *must* exchange money before you have the handset. If you're nervous that I won't come through you'll still have the ebay and HoFo BST forum to fall back on. I realize I'm asking for a lower-than-market price right now. The advantage to me is the price, the advantage to you is a more-surer-thing. We can use Paypal or something like escrow.com for this transaction. We should agree to be honorable and honest in this deal at the risk of being publicly humiliated on HoFo if we aren't.

I would feel unsure that I'd be able to sell my Aria, let alone a Palm Pre Plus, for a decent price when it can be had, brand new from ATT for free (or a dollar) w/contract and many other ppl will be offering the same thing.

I don't know what device you'll use for your 30 day transition period. Maybe there aren't many people for which this deal will work, but I thought I'd put it out there.

Too wacky an idea? Would any price make it workable?