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Thread: Tmobile Master Dealers?

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    Tmobile Master Dealers?

    Ive been trying to find some Tmobile Master Dealers to set up a Tmobile shop but havent been able to find any. Tmobile when they offered the Limited store option denied me even though I have cash available.

    I know they are trying to go the route of T Mobile Premium Retailer stores, but are those being bought from corporate and then using corporate as the master dealer basically or are there area master dealers converting this corporate stores over to the Premium Retailer stores.

    I am in So Cal area if that helps anyone to give me some information on possible contacts.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Thanks for this information

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    I'm currently looking to work with some T-Mobile master dealers somewhere near me in NY NJ CT and maybe PA, i am aware of a few agents since i've spoken to them such as PCC, AMERITEL, HELLO CHOICE etc, is there any possibilities of anyone knowing about additional master dealers close by? and contact information this would make my life a lot easier. I appreciate all the possible help i can get.

    Best regards,

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