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    [Retention Question] > How to fix this?

    This is a cross-post from another forum where someone indicated I can get some help on this subject. I know there is a retention subforum but I cannot make a thread with this new account.

    My three years is almost over with Rogers and my plan is an old ****** one for $60, no data.

    They call me a month in advance to let me know of my plan ending and offer some deals, they offer $65 for the same plan with 500mb package add-on. I find this a little bit ridiculous, I didn't feel like negotiating since they caught me at a bad time so I decided to phone back later.

    I get the retention call center and they are firm with this $65. I argue about Wind being $40 unlimited but the rep is hard pressed that Rogers is king of service providers and that $65 is average. Anything I try to pass to this guy to get my price down he just says that comparing Rogers to anything else is absurd and I should take the plan. After going no where with negotiating I tell him I do not want it and will think about it later.

    A couple days later I call to try and get a reasonable rep and they tell me my account has been canceled and my phone number released. (No idea what that means) I cannot un-cancel this process apparently and they did it without even telling me? I don't know how this is possible but the rep told me that my previous call to them was when I canceled. I asked if I can keep my number and the rep told me I couldn't do it because it is too late. I've called back three times and maybe they left a note or something but they always put me on hold and come back to say that I cannot un-cancel it.

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    Something very bizarre is going on here, because usually cancellations occur thirty days from the day that you cancel, not the day of.

    When you've called in again, have you talked to Customer Relations or just to Customer Service? I would ensure that you are talking to Customer Relations, first.

    If they actually did a same day cancellation on the account and they are talking about the number being 'released', then it sounds like they either mean that it was released internally (rare) and another Rogers customer activated on it, or it was a number you ported to Rogers initially so it has snapped back to the original carrier.

    First thing that you would need to do, though, is one hundred percent establish what exactly happens. I would call in and get clarification because the two situations would be dealt with rather differently. Either the Back Office team or the Porting Centre may need to get involved in either situation, but first you need to find out what's going on. If the rep can't/won't help, ask for a manager. If they can't/won't help, go to the Office of the President - it's warranted in this situation.

    I rarely say this, but in this situation I would say that you could ask for a supervisor immediately upon your next callback. They will ask you to explain why, and I would give them a brief overview, but make it clear that if they cannot help, you want a manager. Something strange is going on here and you will need an experienced rep to help you sort it out.

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