Has anyone gotten Sipgate set up with CSipsimple successfully and is able to make and receive calls to their Sipgate #? Could I ask you to give me your build # and the settings you used?

I have a Nexus One (2.2.1) and while my Sipgate account seems to register on their network in CSipSimple I cannot make or receive calls - I keep getting a "number is not in service" error when I call my Sipgate number from a different phone, and when I dial out from CSipSimple I get about 30 seconds of silence then it hangs up the call, never completing it.

This happens both over 3G and WiFi. I've set my router to port forward the 3 UDP ports Sipgate suggests (5060, 5004 and 10000) and it still doesn't work. The odd thing is that though I did not have to set up port forwarding for Fring to work previously, and SIP calls were fine over 3G in Fring as well, leaving me to think that it must be a setting issue.

I know that it's not a simple case of entering the credentials wrong or call forwarding errors on Sipgate, because when I use Fring and set up SIP with the same set of credentials I am able to make AND receive calls on my phone, so it's most likely because I messed it up and set something wrong...I checked out some of the guides on Google and followed their instructions to the tee but there must be something else I am missing...

Edit: I have tried the latest nightly build as well as the market version. The server is set to be sipgate.com according to Sipgate's settings. STUN was set to stun.sipgate.net:10000 but turning it on or off had no effect.

If you'd be able to help that'd be fantastic. Thanks in advance!