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Thread: Element Mobile "Welcome to Connecting with Complicating" I have informed Newspapers

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    Element Mobile "Welcome to Connecting with Complicating" I have informed Newspapers

    This whole Alltel/Verizon to Element Mobile is a typical debactal that occurs when you have the investor group that is behind WCTC and Solarus is involved.

    My problems began on 11/08/2010 when I went in to look at phones. I all ready had in mind what I was looking for, Motorola Milestone. I have been an Alltel customer for 11 yrs and bought my last phone in 2004 along with the handsfree cradle for a Nokia 8150. So, I felt it was time to upgrade my phone not my phone plan ( am on month to month). After a lenghty process of deciding to proceed purchasing the $549.00 phone I was offered that if I go with a 2 yr plan I would recieve a $300 credit/rebate (phone cost $249) and I bought a 1yr advanced techguard insurance for the phone ($69.00). Being with Alltel for 11 yrs what are my concerns, none.

    Well, I was wrong. By 2nd week in December I had completed purchasing my handsfree voice activated system with a cradle specific for the Milestone which also charges the phone too. By this time I had invested another $345.00 into my phone system. At that time I was informed that Alltel was switching to Element, but I was assured "MY ALLTEL PLAN WOULD NOT BE AFFECTED AND MY PHONE WOULD WORK", wrong.

    After receiving this information I began checking online about phone choices. I saw there were only 4 options which none of these were of the same dollar value nor did they have the same options the Milestone has such as 5.0mg camera and their choices are 3.2mg only.

    In conversations with "Don" (Element Tier 2 Support) expressing my dissatisfaction with the switch and the fact "I will not be able to use my 2 month old phone with Element's new servers", all they have offered is "maybe" up a $200 credit to cover my early termination and we understand your feelings.

    I honestly feel I have offered a fair "common sense" arguement to them and all I am asking for is a full refund for just the phone ($345.00) and the early termination fee waved and I will eat the $108 cradle and the $100 I just spent for a new phone for my daughter (Alltel also) . All I heard was I am not "Authorized" to offer that much and if I had to do that with every dissatisfied customer it would be a large finanical blow to this company which I agree it would. Apparently they never thought we the customer would question what they are doing, wrong I am and we all should!

    I have recently heard from an inside source that they are going to release the Motorola G2 which is the new updated version of the Milestone. Apparently this phone will be used as an inticer/promo for encouraging existing Alltel plan customers to update to Element contracts. There has been no mention of that to me by Don. In my discussion with my source I told them I would be willing to drop my pursuit if I am guarnteed "in writing" that I would recieve the G2 as my replacement phone instead of the substandard LG Axis which by the way retails for $319 nor anything else they may offer.

    I have been at this for since Monday, 03, January 2011. I have contacted the local newspaper (and my personal attorney) and they are very interested hearing the outcome and the newspapers have had many other complaints about this whole process and the level of secrecy of the transaction between Element and Alltel/Verizon. In fact, when dicussing my situation with the newspapers they even indicate had tightly controlled the information was kept. This is a very typical practice of this local monoply (Element, Solarus, WCTC) has operated on for a long time and its time the local residents are tired of how they treat us and (attempt to) make us believe that we are getting a great deal when in fact we are getting the shaft which it is always the consumer who comes up short at the end.

    If people would be interested in putting together a class action suit or even make this even more public we then should select a site to meet to pool minds and possibly funds together if Element is not willing to treat us "Customers" fairly.

    I urge all of you to contact the local papers, the Tribune and the Voice and make your situation publicly known! They are very interested in this whole thing. It time we quit rolling over for the Elite 11 Investor of this company. Feel free to pm me.

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    I just received an email from Mr. Wilke COO for Element Mobile on trying to fix our issues. If you want to be included in this resolution you need to move over to the other forum where I am at, titled the same. As 1 were are just that but together we are a force!

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    Where is this forum. Not sure what you mean to move over the the other forum?

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    Talking Dump element mobile :-)


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