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Thread: using StraightTalk phone as a modem

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    using StraightTalk phone as a modem

    i have the StraightTalk LG620G phone and the phone settings- under connections-usb connection mode- data question is how to use the phone as a modem for my laptop from work, i have no internet access there. someone mentioned tethering it, but im not sure what he means. i have the usb cord to hook it to the laptop, now what do i need to do?

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    I just looked up the same question. The answer is in the Terms and Conditions by Straight Talk section #7. They do not allow tethering to a laptop. Fortunately I have the Motorola R 451 which has the keyboard and internet access. I only use it when nothing else is available, it's very slow. My guess is it only uses a slow connection.

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    The LG 620G only has the GPRS data rate. This is about equivalent to analog modem dialup speed. It might be impossible to find drivers to allow the modem function to work.
    Earl F. Parrish

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