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Thread: How is the Pixie Plus?

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    How is the Pixie Plus?

    Long story short:

    We switched our family plan to the one vzw is promoting to some members for unlimited data/txting. So we're swapping over the other phones to smart phones to take advantage of the data.

    My mom wants to have a device that is really simple to huge (or not have a huge learning curve) and some other stuff.

    So I thought of the Palm line. Since vzw was pushing this as a "mom friendly" device.

    She doesn't need a powerhouse phone as she just needs this for calls, a few apps, and email.

    So what I'm wondering is:

    1.) How user friendly is WebOS?
    2.) How is call quality and the speaker phone?
    3.) How is the design? I know it's a bit on the smaller size.
    4.) How does the hardware/software last over time? Like with lag and what not.
    6.) How is syncing to the computer? For removing photos or adding ringtones
    7.) Anything else we should now?


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    1. Very easy overall, although sometimes it's hard to figure out how to delete stuff but there's lots of info on he internet telling you how to do stuff.
    2. Pretty good in my opinion, although I wish the speakerphone was louder.
    3. Some of the font sizes are small and hard to read.
    4. Apps can be a bit slow to load, but not unbearable.
    6. Very easy! It's very much like plugging a USB stick into your computer. There's no "drivers" to install and you can just copy/ paste & delete stuff from/to your phone/computer. When you hook the phone up your computer, it'll show up just like a new drive in My Computer. Then you'll see some folders in it for photos, ringtones, etc.

    7. Lots of info online. Just search and read up!

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