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Thread: Best Android phone for remote locations which require an external antenna

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    Best Android phone for remote locations which require an external antenna

    I notice most of the Android phones don't even have a place to plug in an external antenna any more. Can anyone recommend an android phone which does support an external antenna and has good phone reception? 95% of the phone use will be in the city, but I like to fish in very remote places generally out of cell phone range. I have a couple of different external cell antennas which I mount to the end of my push pole, and with an adapter I can get cell coverage from almost anywhere in Everglades National park. This is nice for safety reasons.

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    Im not an expert when it comes to the frequencies, either that's with microwave or radio signaling. But check this link..

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    can u explain it i cant get whats u saying plz , i m intersted it

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