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Thread: Galaxy S Vibrant : Soft keys stop working

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    Galaxy S Vibrant : Soft keys stop working

    I am on my 2nd Galaxy S Vibrant phone now in less than 1 month.

    Screen protector: none
    Case: soft rubber grip case from Roots
    Model number: GT-I9000M
    Firmware version: 2.2
    Baseband version: I9000UGJL2
    Kernel version: [email protected] #3
    Build number: FROYO.UGLJ2

    Usually issues start while using the Messaging function.
    Press 'Back' soft key (lower right) and nothing happens, button backlight turns off and stays off.
    'Menu' soft key (lower left) backlight stays lit, but that button does not work either.
    When this happens, all lower buttons (2 soft keys, left & right) do not work.
    Pressing the middle 'Home' hard key causes phone to do a screen capture, but does not go back to homescreen.

    All the rest of the touchscreen functionality (notification top area, main screen, keypad, etc.) works okay, just lower keys are affected.

    These "bad periods" can last for a few minutes, or a few hours, then VOILA the phone works okay again. Sometimes these "bad periods" can happen weeks apart, days apart, or hours apart. If I leave the phone alone, this does not solve the problem. Soft keys stay non-operative. Removing & re-installing the battery does not help either.
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    I'd say this is hard to investigate, but if this happened with both your Vibrants then I would definitely think it is software related :
    - check what programs are installed
    - do a factory reset on the phone
    - install programs one by one and leave enough time between installs to see if the problem arises again.

    If this is a problem only on this 2nd phone, then it could also be a defective phone.
    Good luck.

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    Which "middle 'home' hard key" are you talking about? Along the bottom of my phone, I have the Menu, Home, Back, and Search softkeys. No middle hard key at all.

    Anyhow, my first Galaxy S experienced similar symptoms. On day 2 of owning the phone, all softkey buttons stopped working. They would light up and vibrate, when pressed, but wouldn't complete any action. I reset the phone, tried Over-the-air software update, but neither helped. Took it back to Best Buy and had it exchanged. Replacement has been working fine for months now. My wife's Galaxy S has had no problems.

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