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Thread: How to stop blinking green light...

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    How to stop blinking green light...

    I have a TMobile Shadow,what I really want to do is stop the constant flashing green light on the phone.I downloaded "DontForget" and the PHMRegEdit but PHMRegEdit will not fully install in Win7.Any help would be greatly appreciated!!! Even Win7 does not recognize the phone,it charges it but it does not show as a drive.

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    The green light on my TP2 tells me I have a new text, picture or voice message, a new email, a missed call or a soon-to-happen event like a meeting in my calendar. To you want your cell to completely stop flashing the green light telling you about one of the above or is it actually flashing because maybe one of the above happened and you missed it? It happened to me once with a text message that I didn't "see".

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