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Thread: Broken Phone, Still in Contract, need advice

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    Broken Phone, Still in Contract, need advice

    Hi everyone - I have a conundrum and am looking for advice...

    1.5 years into my 3 yr contract, my Palm Pre is bricked. Touchscreen stopped working, I've tried all the suggestions given on the forums, but nothing yet. So I'm left with no phone and 1.5 years left on my contract. I'm not a huge fan of PalmOS anymore and I've been considering switching to iPhone or Android, so here are my expensive vs. very expensive options. In these options I'm only considering a 32GB iPhone 4 as I'd really like to replace my aging iPod as well, so I figure I need the space.

    Purchase new Palm Pre outright for $160, and wait until I can upgrade or my contract expires to purchase new phone (note, I paid $200 ON CONTRACT 1.5 years ago!!! Agh!)

    Cancel contract early: $400 and buy iPhone on contract: $269 = $669

    Purchase new iPhone not on contract: $769

    Thoughts? Suggestions?

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    You're really only one year away from getting the 3 year pricing again, as Telus usually allow this with 6 months left on your contract.

    Question is, if your pre didn't brick would you have been happy with it for one more year? $160 will get you a new one, but you can still use the battery out of the old one and any other accessories you may have with it.

    Second thought is buy the iphone4, no contract price for $769 and in one year sell it and get the next latest or greatest phone that is out then? It still should be worth $350-$450 or maybe even more?

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    Sell the Pre for parts on Kijiji for relatively cheap, might get $50-$75, especially if you have a touchstone. Put this towards a used phone on Kijiji like a Desire Z or iPhone 3GS if you're on a budget. You can get a 32 GB iPhone 3GS for $300-$350. Shop around - you can buy a BNIB iPhone 4 32GB for like $550 (instead of $769 + tax). And you do this all without having to affect your contract. Then if you want, at the end of your contract in 1.5 years you can sell your iPhone 4 32GB for $300-$350 and re-sign with the iPhone 6 64GB at a profit.

    PS - I feel your pain with the Pre, sorry for your loss :P

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