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Thread: andoid newbie w/sme questions

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    andoid newbie w/sme questions

    About to upgrade to a G2 with the $10 data plan being offered as part of the 4G promotion. I know that the data plan is for 200 MB/month. I am currently using an unlocked iphone with the $10/mo dumbphone data plan, and have been averaging 70MB/mo x 5 months. My typical usage is talking, texting, some MMS, and some internet, but most of my surfing is at home on wifi or at public wifi.

    Here are my questions;

    1) I know that the phone can be rooted and that if I root it I could then actually remove programs that I don't want/need. Short of that, is it possible to simply hide or remove the icons that I don't want/need to reduce the visual clutter?

    2) I know that the phone has gps - does the gps use data if I am not actively using the navigation program or google maps? In otehr words, if the gps is on and the phone is on and I'm out and about, but I'm not actively using nav, am I getting hit for hidden data fees?

    3) If I am at home on my wifi, can I use the internet w/o using my data?

    4) I have an unlimited family text plan, so i know that the txt messages don't count, but do MMS count against data, or are they included in the unlimited texting plan?



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    1) root or flash custom rom

    2) gps doesn't use data (negligible for agps assistance)
    Google's Navigation needs data to operate. I use a paid app CoPilot to avoid this.

    3) correct

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