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If you don't know how to get filesystem to come up on bitpim, just click view at the top then file system. Go into it and click the plus. If you need help with getting bitpim I will post a link. Also for lg download v1., and LGNPST to be used for editing or updating lg phones. (NvEdit)

Revol's PRL:
Lgnpst: (http://files.cellphoneforums.net/fir...v1.2_Store.zip)
Lg Download (best version): (http://download855.mediafire.com/nvs...1_1_.3.6.3.rar)
LG DRIVERS: (http://www.lgmobilephones.com/upload..._4.9.4_All.exe)
For you dlls go here: Here (PUT IN C:\LG Electronics\LGDownload\Model:

Voyager EDITED filedb here:
(http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?lxdvglapedm4lwn) (FIXED)
*This is the filedb with the value already changed to 1. So if you have a Voyager use this file I uploaded, but at your own risk and back up your old one. Just replace your old one with this and you can edit your wap.*

Under WAP Settings:

Primary Address: wap.revol.us
Secondary Address: wap.revol.us
User Name: (Yournumber)@revol.us
User Password: Revol

MMS setting(Thanks to "bluedogmike"):

MMSC Server Name: Http://mms.revol.us
MMS UAProf URL in User Agent: (blank)
MMS Upload Address: 111111
MMS Sending From Field Type: MDN ONLY
MMS Settings Authorization: Commercial
MMSC Server Post URL: /revol/mms.php
MMSC Server Post CGI: (your number)@myrevol.com/revol

Update here:


Goto read me file in download!