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Thread: Static when both of us use car bluetooth

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    Static when both of us use car bluetooth


    I have a very strange problem that began when my gf switched the verizon. When I call her via bluetooth feature of my 2007 camry, and she is on bluetooth feature on 2006 BMW, there is static in the audio that sounds like a television when the cable is out. The static is persistent and gets louder and louder at times until I cannot hear her. On her end, my voice starts dropping out at the same time I'm hearing this static. It seems to go away when she is at low speeds or stopped, gets worse at higher speeds. The strange thing is, if she calls someone else on a land line they do not hear any static and she sounds fine. It only seems to occur when I call her and she is on her bluetooth and we are both on cellular network. Anyone have any idea what could be the cause and how to troubleshoot? Thought it was her old blackberry tour but we now both have iphone and same issue. It's very strange. Any help would be appreciated.

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    She only hears static if she calls you? No one else?

    if true, then it's possible it's your Camry's bluetooth system.

    I'd eliminate the variables. Have her call you from her car/bluetooth, but you NOT in your Camry. If it sounds good, it's most likely the Camry bluetooth.

    If it still sounds bad, it's your phone.
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