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Thread: Need Mil-Spec type GSM phone for straight talk

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    Need Mil-Spec type GSM phone for straight talk

    I really need a phone like my (1st AT&T then WM Family Mobile) Rugby A836 for my new straight talk account. I don't want to have to return to using duct tape & a zip lock bag to protect the very cheaply made Sambo 255G, Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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    What you see on ST is what you get...unless:

    The Sim card from the Nokia E71 and 6790 can be used with GSM Phones ($200 at wal-mart)....keep that in mind.

    You could then use the SIM from the Nokia smartphones in a Motorola Tundra (dumbphone) or a Motorola Defy (smartphone)...take a look at those models if you like. You can google any GSM rugged phone with the 850/1900 USA bands needed to work. Good luck

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