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Thread: Clearing System Memory on Optimus T?

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    Clearing System Memory on Optimus T?

    Is there a way to clear system memory? I keep getting the low memory warning. I have every app that I've downloaded on my SD card. the only apps remaining on the phones system memory are the apps that came with phone and and will not allow moving to SD or uninstalling.

    I've cleared the cache on everything and deleted all unneeded files, pictures, videos and anything else I could fine.

    Would appreciate any help or suggestions.

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    Is it android complaning about the memory or some 3rd-party app?

    I think the OptT has ~170MB usable storage max, so you might have to back off a few app installs.

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    Root, and de-odexed rom. Gets rid of all the crapware from the OEM. Another method would be to use term emu from root and delete the apk's you don't want manually, but that's not a good idea if you aren't familiar with it.

    Vision, 1.8Ghz modded. If it can be, it is.

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