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Thread: Cricket Samsung Messager Touch SCH-R631

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    Cricket Samsung Messager Touch SCH-R631

    well i'm very new to these type of forums, so if say something that is very obvious, sorry. the above mentioned phone (samsung messenger touch r631) is very similiar to the phone my son has (samsung seek m350), his provider is through boost and of course mine is through cricket. his phone will accept 3rd party apps and mine will not. what i find hard to believe is that there is not a way around this. my biggest goal is to get "opera mini" on my phone, crickets phone browser sucks. i'm sure there are more apps that i may want on this phone but cant think of them now. basically the browser is what sucks. been searching all over the net, phrase it different ways and no results. any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks for time and effort.

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    Get apps from the storefront, they cost $, you need money in your flex bucket to buy. I don't think Opera is available for that phone. Hope that helps.

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    Can this phone be used with Cricket's PayGO prepaid plans?

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