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Thread: Palm Pixi Power Button Issue?

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    Palm Pixi Power Button Issue?

    Like a lot of people I purchased a new Palm Pixi Plus to use on PagePlus not long ago. I love the phone, but am having issues with getting it to "wake up". If I do not have the phone on the touchstone charger and the screen goes dark, pushing the power button does not wake up the screen. Sometimes putting it on the charger will restart the phone, and other times you can faintly see the screen but it will not do anything. The only thing I have found that works is to do the hold the power button and move the ringer switch 5 times. Any suggestions, or I just have a bum phone?

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    I notice it is alittle difficult to press the power button. You need to press all the way. But ...
    one trick: turn the ringer off, and then, back on. The power immediately goes back on.

    If that fails, you have a bummer.


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