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Thread: Making the case: Nothing better than webOS for heavy multitasking

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    I ran across this article (rather long) that I think makes the case for why WebOS is the best mobile OS out there.

    I Traded My Nexus One for a Palm Pre 2 and I’m Not Going Back
    By Hervé St-Louis
    Mar 6, 2011

    I did for many the impossible. Two weeks ago I traded my top of the line Nexus One, the super smart phone released by Google through Taiwanese manufacturer HTC for the Palm Pre 2 released by Hewlett Packard (HP). And guess what? I have never been so productive with a smartphone and I’ve played with the best smartphones the world has to offer from Apple to Google....
    That said, most people don't do enough multitasking to appreciate the advantages.
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    Yeah, I've been reading up on it too, and it generally gets really great marks from people. I like it a lot, but as you said, appreciating how well it multi-tasks is kind of a "power-use" aspect that the majority won't experience.

    I had a short intro to WebOS with the Pixi, and liked the OS and other Palm touches so much I'm going further and getting a Pre Plus! Should arrive in a day or so. Pretty impressive phone, but my usage is non-critical, as I'm doing PAYGO on PPC. But you've gotta occasionally feed the addiction, you know what I mean? I've had the lid on it for a while and now it's coming out.

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