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Thread: Best and Worst Screen Protectors for The Incredible?

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    Best and Worst Screen Protectors for The Incredible?

    Some of the prices on ebay seem too good to be true, and some of the others seem way over priced. Comments, suggestions?

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    I purchased Steinheil Crystal Clear on eBay for $10 shipped. You get 2 protectors. I never installed them before and wasted one - if you get something on the sticky side before installation you will never get it off without leaving a lot of marks. Second one still got 2 dust specs under it (initially I thought that was an air bubble) but I got over this.

    After a while it unglued a bit around the earphone but it's not too bad. Film is rather thick and provides good protection. Touch screen sensitivity seems to be a bit worse but the difference is so slight that I am not sure. Visibility is just as good, maybe a bit worse at the angle. All in all I will purchase it again.

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    After much research reading user feedback sites, I bit the bullet and ordered the Zag screen protector. It was more expensive but has been great. It installed perfectly and protects from everything. They come with a lifetime warranty. Watch the Zag or coupon web site for periodic specials and promo codes. I believe I found 20% off.

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