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Thread: Best way to get ringtones? No Bluetooth?

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    Best way to get ringtones? No Bluetooth?

    I have a Palm Pixi Plus. I tried to save ringtones to my phone that people sent to me via text and I can't. I tried to get ringtones from another phone via Bluetooth and I can't. Is this the norm for Palm?

    Just curious, does 2.0 solve these issues?

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    Download the ringtones to ur computer. Plug in the usb cable into the computer & the phone. The phone will ask Charge or USB. Choose USB. On the computer Click to see ur libraries. The pixi shud show up below ur hard drive. Dbl click it. Then dbl click ringtones. A folder with the pixis ringtones will open. Copy ur ringtones there.

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    I noticed the ringtones preinstalled are soft. You can increase their volume by using mp3gain from
    sourceforge. I have NOT tried this - use at your own risk.


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