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Thread: Another reason to love Verizon Wireless' data plans

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    Another reason to love Verizon Wireless' data plans

    Just found this on about at&t forcing people who tether with unofficial apps: Yes, they are going to remove you from your "grandfathered" data plan and put you on a restricted "new" plan should they find you using up the data goodies without paying for a tethering plan through Ma Bell. Can you say, "FAIL"??? Be thankful Verizon still has an all-you-can-eat buffet regardless of what fork, knife, and spoon you use to consume it.
    I left NEXTEL because:
    1) Gary Forsee for single-handedly killing the mighty NEXTEL
    2) Paul Saleh for coughing up the money for Gary's BIG ideas of grandeur from the NEXTEL cash cow
    3) Timmy Donahue for taking his golden parachute and leaving post-merger when we needed him most
    4) Barry West for regressing iDEN backwards 10 years by killing 6:1 and WiDEN development
    5) Dan Hesse for practicing apathy over sympathy, then prolonging the pain

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    Verizon will do the same thing in due time..
    You can either eat the two peanuts I gave to you, or crush them..

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