"The Great Chase"

Watch as "Nightstalker" and "MsHarleyB", from Justin.tv, go through the streets and highways of South Florida with a CAT Pipe Layer in tow, while being chased by "KE4QPF" on February 8, 2011.

The in-car chase camera used was a Droid X using the Justin.tv app and my JTV channel. Other cameras included 2 Logitech units on the truck (also recorded via Justin.tv using a laptop running ManyCam for picture-in-picture and a Verizon Wireless MiFi on MsHarleyB's JTV channel), and a Sony 8mm Handicam (recorded internally). The video was edited using Adobe Premiere Pro CS3 and resolution adjustments were made using the Boris Continuum Complete 5 UpRez converter plug-in.

As they say... "When others DON'T, Droid DOES!"

This is a presentation of KE4QPF Broadcasting Production Services. Copyright 2011 / All Rights Reserved.