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Thread: debating a jump from iphone to BB torch

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    debating a jump from iphone to BB torch

    I'm due for anew phone a few weeks. I've had an iphone 3gs for almost 2 years now. and I'm debating jumping to BB. this would be easy if i wasn't planning to get an ipad, I would simply get the BB. I hope this post is in the right place.

    But I need help understanding what I'm doing and if the jump is worth it.
    The most things i do on the iphone right now are
    -email (through mbox, built email app)
    -chat (through beejive)
    -web surfing
    -google maps
    -calculation (built in calculator and unit converter app)
    -some use of viber very little though
    -music app (shoutcast,shazam)
    -tv (netflix,u-verse, not for watching, just for recording and tracking)

    wow writing this list down, I do use my iphone for a lot more than just email. I don't know if I can find all of these on BB, I'm sure most of these are on ipad.
    The reason I want the BB, is because all my family and friends outside the US are running BB and BBM now, so keeping touch with them would be easier.

    Since I'm getting an ipad it makes it a bit hard to decide where to go next iphone4 (or 5) or a BB. would it make sense when it comes to running itunes and what ever BB uses for syncing. what happens to my movies, music that is in itunes and getting into BB.
    thanks for the help and advice.

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    Well if you tether your bb to the ipad then you'll have both platforms. Everything on the list is there except netflix
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