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Thread: HELP! Re: Atrix - All my callers tell me I sound like I'm in a cave.

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    HELP! Re: Atrix - All my callers tell me I sound like I'm in a cave.

    All the Atrix phones I've tried at the ATT store sound exactly the same as mine.

    Everybody I speak with says I sound like I'm in a cave when talking on the phone. I've been able to narrow it down because when I plug in the head set the sound is fine.

    ATT tech support says it is working perfectly. The ATT store tested 4 from stock and they do it too. So we tested a phone from another company that has the same guts as the Atrix and it did the same thing.

    So this tells me the microphone is screwed up in this design.
    Am I right or wrong?
    Can anybody tell me how to fix this?
    Are there any Atrix out there that don't suffer from this problem?

    I have 3 more weeks on the "no fault return" and I'm afraid that I may have to return it. I really don't want to because it runs a custom app that was built for my business perfectly. The app ran like mollassas on a regular droid so I have to go with the dual core.

    I love this phone but I can't run my business when nobody can understand what I say.

    If anybody has a clue I would sincerely like to hear from you.

    Thank you,
    Bob Lynn

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    Looks like there is some kind of a known issue.

    Did you try going to a different store? Could be a bad batch or something.
    iPhone 4 on AT&T:[/FONT][/SIZE]

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