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Thread: Unlock Blackberry: How to Unlock your Blackberry cellphone to any GSM network

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    Unlock Blackberry: How to Unlock your Blackberry cellphone to any GSM network

    Unlock your Blackberry Cellphone to use on any GSM network

    Once you have received your unlock code via email from follow these instructions:

    Blackberry Unlocking Instructions

    1. Power up your Blackberry with a Non-accepted simcard
    2. Phone will say “enter MEP code”
    3. Enter the unlock code sent by us

    How to Enter Unlock Codes on most Blackberry models:

    With a simcard in the phone

    1. Power on
    2. Go to settings
    3. Go to advanced options
    4. Go to sim card
    5. Type MEPD (if nothing go straight to step 6)
    6. Type MEP[Alt + 2]
    7. It will ask you for the unlock code. Enter it and your phone is unlocked!

    How to Enter Unlock Codes on BlackBerry Torch

    1) Go to options, device settings, advanced system settings, simcard
    2) Type in MEPD using the keyboard (nothing will show on screen)
    3) Type in MEP, hold ALT and press 2, another screen pops up for the code
    4) Enter the code, remember you ONLY have 10 chances to get it right
    5) Press the enter key

    How to Enter Unlock Codes on BlackBerry Storm

    1) Need a SIM card inserted into the phone
    2) Click on manage connections, select turn all connections off
    3) Go to Settings Menu, Options, Advanced Options and then SIM Card.
    4) Hit the menu button and select show keyboard
    5) Type in mepd using the keyboard (nothing will show on screen)
    6) Type in mep2 another screen pops up for the code
    7) Enter the code, remember you ONLY have 10 chances to get it right
    8) Press the enter key
    9) A message will appear saying code accepted
    10) Turn device off, insert SIM of your choice if have not done so already
    11) Turn the phone back on
    12) Go to Options, then Mobile Network, on the third row switch it to GSM/UMTS and you're done.

    1) If you have issues with the phone not recognizing the network, make sure the radio is on by making sure it is not low on power.
    2) Sometimes the phone requires you to do "m e p p d" instead of "m e p d" and if that occurs, you will need to do "m e p p 2" instead of "m e p 2"
    3) If you have issues with the network not working after you have finished and the phone isn't low on power, switch from Global to GSM to Verizon a few times (keep on doing) and after 3 times of the process completed, leave it on GSM. Should work now.

    Removing "Activation Required" on the screen:
    1) On the main screen of the phone, press ##000000
    2) For the Mobile Directory Number, put in your phone number in there.
    3) After you have done that, press the menu button to save the options and the phone will automatically restart

    *Some Blackberry devices have a certain amount of tries before it is hardlocked, please check the counter first before ordering

    *Important* Your Blackberry handset must be a GSM carrier, and you must be unlocking it use on another GSM carrier

    We are proud to announce we are able to provide you with an Unlock Code to unlock your Blackberry device fast and easy!

    Your Blackberry device could be free of any network restriction using this popular unlock tool specifically made for Blackberry. It’s the fastest and easiest unlock available on the internet!

    Would you like to switch network providers without having to purchase a new phone?

    Going on vacation and want to use a local SIM card with your phone?

    Are you receiving the message: no valid simcard, enter network , enter network code, no simcard allowed, enter mep, enter NCK, enter subsidy code, simcard not valid, on your Blackberry device?

    You've certainly come to the right place!

    - We have generated thousands and thousands of unlock codes for cellular devices for the past 8 years.
    - We offer the easiest way to unlock your device, via remote IMEI unlock code.
    - Simply punch in the code we send to you, and unlock your phone's network.
    - Our unlock codes are personalized to your device and are 100% guaranteed to work or your money back*

    Why us?

    - We are a registered business
    - Lowest price on the internet
    - Fastest Turnaround time
    - Exceptional customer support!
    - Easy to follow instructions
    - We Provide hundreds of Stores in the Mobile industry with unlock codes
    - 100% Guaranteed or your money back!

    After you place your order we will email you your Unlock Code with detailed unlocking instructions, Lowest price and Fastest turnaround time on the internet!

    We can unlock 99% of all Blackberry Phone Models

    Unlock all Blackberry devices

    * We can often get the "Not found" devices that other sellers fail to get

    How Does it work?

    Go to and

    Step 1: Check your code availability with your IMEI number. Press *#06# on your cellular device to get the IMEI number.

    Step 2: We need your contact information. Your information will be strictly used to deliver the code and instructions to the email address you specify once your order is complete.

    Step 3: Review your order and payment
    Once you have finalized and checked that all the information is correct you will complete placing your order

    Step 4:Once your unlock code is ready, our automated system will Email you detailed instructions and the unlock code

    Watch an example of how to unlock a Blackberry

    Unlock all the Newest and Popular Blackberry Models including:

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    Unlock Blackberry 8310 Curve
    Unlock Blackberry 8320 Curve
    Unlock Blackberry 8900 Javelin / Curve
    Unlock Blackberry 8520 Gemini / Curve
    Unlock Blackberry 9000 Bold
    Unlock Blackberry 9100 Pearl 3G
    Unlock Blackberry 9300 Curve 3G
    Unlock Blackberry 9500 Storm
    Unlock Blackberry 9520 Storm 2
    Unlock Blackberry 9550 Storm 2
    Unlock Blackberry 9530 Storm
    Unlock Blackberry 9630 Tour
    Unlock Blackberry 9650 Bold 3
    Unlock Blackberry 9670 Style
    Unlock Blackberry 9700 Bold 2
    Unlock Blackberry 9780 Bold
    Unlock Blackberry 9800 Torch

    Unlock CDMA Blackberry 8703e
    Unlock CDMA Blackberry 8707h
    Unlock CDMA Blackberry 8130
    Unlock CDMA Blackberry 8230
    Unlock CDMA Blackberry 8330
    Unlock CDMA Blackberry 8350i
    Unlock CDMA Blackberry 8530 (Aries)

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    we are now able to unlock the Blackberry Bold 9930 and 9900 by mep code

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