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Thread: Unlock LG : How to Unlock your LG Cellphone to any GSM network

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    Unlock LG : How to Unlock your LG Cellphone to any GSM network

    Unlock your LG Cellphone to use on any GSM network

    Once you have received your unlock code via email from follow these instructions:

    LG Unlocking Instructions

    1. Switch ON mobile with a not Allowed SIM Card,
    2. Phone will ask you to enter the NCK code or Service Provider code (we can provide both)
    3. Now phone will ask you to enter the unlocking code


    Other instructions have be found here

    *Some LG devices have a certain amount of tries before it is hardlocked, please make sure you haven't attempted to unlock it first before ordering

    *Important* Your LG handset must be a GSM carrier, and you must be unlocking it use on another GSM carrier

    We are proud to announce we are able to provide you with an Unlock Code to unlock your LG device fast and easy!

    Your LG device could be free of any network restriction using this popular unlock tool specifically made for LG. It’s the fastest and easiest unlock available on the internet!

    Would you like to switch network providers without having to purchase a new phone?

    Going on vacation and want to use a local SIM card with your phone?

    Are you receiving the message: no valid simcard, enter network , enter network code, no simcard allowed, enter mep, enter NCK, enter subsidy code, simcard not valid, on your LG device?

    You've certainly come to the right place!

    - We have generated thousands and thousands of unlock codes for cellular devices for the past 8 years.
    - We offer the easiest way to unlock your device, via remote IMEI unlock code.
    - Simply punch in the code we send to you, and unlock your phone's network.
    - Our unlock codes are personalized to your device and are 100% guaranteed to work or your money back*

    Why us?

    - We are a registered business
    - Lowest price on the internet
    - Fastest Turnaround time
    - Exceptional customer support!
    - Easy to follow instructions
    - We Provide hundreds of Stores in the Mobile industry with unlock codes
    - 100% Guaranteed or your money back!

    After you place your order we will email you your Unlock Code with detailed unlocking instructions, Lowest price and Fastest turnaround time on the internet!

    We can unlock 99% of all LG Phone Models

    Unlock all LG devices

    Customer videos:

    Unlock LG 3D p920

    Unlock LG optimus T p509

    * We can often get the "Not found" devices that other sellers fail to get

    How Does it work?

    Go to and

    Step 1: Check your code availability with your IMEI number. Press *#06# on your cellular device to get the IMEI number.

    Step 2: We need your contact information. Your information will be strictly used to deliver the code and instructions to the email address you specify once your order is complete.

    Step 3: Review your order and payment
    Once you have finalized and checked that all the information is correct you will complete placing your order

    Step 4:Once your unlock code is ready, our automated system will Email you detailed instructions and the unlock code

    Watch an example of how to unlock a LG

    Unlock all the Newest and Popular LG Models including:

    Unlock LG Optimus
    Unlock LG Optimus One
    Unlock LG Quantum
    Unlock LG p509 Optimus
    Unlock LG p500 Optimus

    BL series

    Unlock LG BL20
    Unlock LG BL40 Chocolate

    CB series

    Unlock LG CB630

    CE series

    Unlock LG CE110

    CF series

    Unlock LG CF360

    CG series

    Unlock LG CG225

    CT series

    Unlock LG CT810 Incite

    CU series

    Unlock LG CU400
    Unlock LG CU405
    Unlock LG CU500
    Unlock LG CU515
    Unlock LG CU575 Trax
    Unlock LG CU915 Vu
    Unlock LG CU920 Vu

    GB series

    Unlock LG GB250

    GC series

    Unlock LG GC900 Viewty Smart

    GD series

    Unlock LG GD330 (touch phone)
    Unlock LG GD510 POP (full touchscreen phone)
    Unlock LG GD570 dLite
    Unlock LG GD710 Shine II
    Unlock LG GD900 (transparent phone)
    Unlock LG GD910 (watch phone)

    GM series

    Unlock LG GM360 Viewty

    GR series

    Unlock LG GR500 Xenon
    Unlock LG GR700 Vu Plus

    GS series

    Unlock LG GS170
    Unlock LG GS390 Prime
    Unlock LG GS505 Sentio

    Unlock LG GS290 Prime

    GT series

    Unlock LG Neon GT365
    Unlock LG GT505
    Unlock LG Loop GT540
    Unlock LG Encore GT550
    Unlock LG Arena GT950

    GU series

    Unlock LG GU295

    GW series

    Unlock LG GW300 Gossip
    Unlock LG GW520
    Unlock LG GW620 Eve
    Unlock LG GW820 eXpo

    KC series

    Unlock LG KC910 Renoir
    Unlock LG KC550

    KE series

    Unlock LG KE800 Chocolate Platinum
    Unlock LG KE850 Prada
    Unlock LG KE970 Shine

    KF series

    Unlock LG KF245
    Unlock LG KF390
    Unlock LG KF510
    Unlock LG KF600
    Unlock LG KF700
    Unlock LG KF750 Secret
    Unlock LG KF755d
    Unlock LG KF900 Prada II

    KG series

    Unlock LG KG120
    Unlock LG KG195
    Unlock LG KG200 Dynamite200
    Unlock LG KG220 VGA Cam
    Unlock LG KG225 Stylish Black
    Unlock LG KG288
    Unlock LG KG290
    Unlock LG KG300 Dynamite300
    Unlock LG KG320
    Unlock LG KG800 Chocolate
    Unlock LG KG920

    KM series

    Unlock LG KM555 Shine Touch
    Unlock LG KM900 Arena

    KP series

    Unlock LG KP100
    Unlock LG KP105
    Unlock LG KP110
    Unlock LG KP215
    Unlock LG KP220 Pie
    Unlock LG KP230
    Unlock LG KP320
    Unlock LG KP330
    Unlock LG KP500 Cookie
    Unlock LG KP501 Cookie
    Unlock LG KP502 Cookie
    Unlock LG KP199

    KS series

    Unlock LG KS20
    Unlock LG KS360
    Unlock LG KS500

    KU series

    Unlock LG KU250
    Unlock LG KU730
    Unlock LG KU800 Chocolate 3G
    Unlock LG KU830 Chocolate 3G Folder
    Unlock LG KU950
    Unlock LG KU970 Shine 3G
    Unlock LG KU990 Viewty

    MG series

    Unlock LG MG320 Aegis
    Unlock LG MG810 Black Zafiro

    ME series

    Unlock LG ME600

    PM series

    Unlock LG PM225
    Unlock LG PM325

    TE series

    Unlock LG TE365 Neon

    TU series

    Unlock LG TU915

    U series

    Unlock LG U300
    Unlock LG U400
    Unlock LG U8000 / G8000
    Unlock LG U8110
    Unlock LG U8120
    Unlock LG U8130
    Unlock LG U8180
    Unlock LG U8210
    Unlock LG U8260
    Unlock LG U8330
    Unlock LG U8360
    Unlock LG U8500
    Unlock LG U830 Chocolate 3G Folder
    Unlock LG U900
    Unlock LG U960
    Unlock LG U990

    Place your order to Unlock your LG device with Confidence, 100% Guaranteed of your Money Back!

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