I've discovered that continuing on the path of a dumbphone just isn't for me. I currently have an LG Voyager, which was fine, but I really find it lacking for what I want to do on my device (web-browsing, organization, twitter, etc).

My contract is up in June, and I'm pretty much set on getting a smartphone. I'm thinking that I might look to start the process of getting something new sooner rather than later.

I've spent a little time doing some research and I have narrowed things down to either the iPhone 4 or an Android phone. The Android phones I seem to like are: Atrix, Incredible S, and Nexus S.

Now, here's where the confusion sets in.

I'm an avid Google user. I live out of my gmail and I do use the calendar (poorly).

At home, most of our computers are Macs. I primarily use an iPad for most of my at home needs. I quite like the iPad and I have a number of apps that I use for this and that (mainly, iOS implementations of board games). I do not utilize iCal. I do get frustrated that I have a 'clutter' of app icons everywhere on the iPad.

What I want from a smartphone:
  • web browsing
  • calendar functionality
  • social networking (twitter, mainly)
  • email
  • maps/GPS
  • durable (ie, can a 2 year old can watch videos on it and I don't worry about the phone)

Are there other questions I should ask myself? Are there other devices I should consider? Should I wait for the release of the likes of the Galaxy S II and iPhone 5?

I am located in Canada, and will be on the Bell network.

Thanks in advance for any assistance anyone can provide.