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Thread: USB driver for Huawei M735

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    Lightbulb USB driver for Huawei M735

    I found that this Huawei M750 driver works fine for the Huawei M735 as well.

    Here's the link to the driver file: M750 USB Driver C08B110(Americ a MetroPCS)

    Here's the M750 product page just in case the link to the file ever breaks:

    Instructions (aka what worked for me and I'm using Windows XP Pro):
    - Download the driver
    - Install
    - Power on your M735 and connect it to your computer via the USB cable
    - When you see the Windows hardware installation wizard pop up, tell it you want to select the location of the driver file.
    - Browse to the folder C:\WINDOWS\System32\drivers and use that folder as the installation location
    - The wizard should be happy with your selection
    - To make your computer see the M735 as an external drive, goto the Connections menu --> Mass Storage Mode --> Select "Activ."

    Your phone should now show a screen titled "Mass Storage Mode" with the picture of a USB flash drive and the words "USB flash drive connected"


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    i have the hauwei M735, how i upgrade the driver to the hauwei M750, how i do it

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