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Thread: My battery is draining like CRAZY since updating to 4.3! Any1 have a fix that works?

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    Quote Originally Posted by indycar View Post
    I guess it's easier to stay on you high horse instead of actually helping someone. I don't understand the logic of people like you.

    Nuff Said

    Peace Out
    My first post was my answer to his problem. The backing up sms is all over. I've answered that question in so many threads. Instead of me typing it all over again just look in the sticky above where I answered it in FULL. Why is that so damn hard.
    By the sound of your post you're the one looking down.

    Quote Originally Posted by macselite View Post
    Thanks for your helpful post, but I did that already. Did a search, read all of the threads that came up, and none of them had a fix that worked, hence the title of my post. I also thought it would be helpful to the HF community to have all of the fixes that I have tried, that have worked for others, all in one place.

    If you know the answer, why not share it? Isn't that what this forum is for? Thanks.
    I was talking about the SMS convos. christ people check my posts I am one of the more helpful people on here I make one simple post and you all jump on it.

    and if you looked in that sticky you'd see all you have to do is save the files in User/Library/SMS and then put them back after the restore with the correct file permissions. No need to extract from the itunes backups unless you forget to do that or the database becomes corrupt.

    Also I hear turning off Ping in settings will help a lot.

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    rest_easy, maybe you could have copied and pasted the answer if you didn't feel like typing it. It probably would have taken much less time, effort, and emotion than it's taken for you to defend your original post.

    Now back to the issue at hand, I found a blog post that stated with confidence that when you restore from a backup instead of setting up your phone as a new phone, you're setting yourself up for not only battery drainage issues, like I've been dealing with, but also unexpected reboots & hanging, etc. (I've not experienced either one). But in addition to the battery issue, I've also experienced the phone booting up into IT Safe Mode, which is Saurik's program (he's the guy who created Cydia). So I'm going to be upgrading to 4.3.2 today by setting it up as a new phone to see if that will fix everything. I'm guessing it will.

    The same blog post listed the things that you want to back up before upgrading and setting your iPhone up as a new phone, as doing that will delete your backup folder (which has your iPhone data on it) and replace it with an empty one.

    With that said, here are the things you need to backup:

    Navigate to /private/var/mobile/Library/AddressBook
    There will be two files save them on your computer.

    Navigate to /private/var/mobile/Library/SMS
    Save sms.db on your computer

    How to backup Calendar:
    Navigate to /private/var/mobile/Library/Calendar
    Copy Calendar.sqlitedb to your computer

    Navigate to /private/var/mobile/Library/Notes
    Copy notes.db and notes.idx to your computer

    Navigate to*/private/var/wireless/Library/CallHistory/call_history.db
    copy*call_history.db to your computer

    I have a Mac, so I downloaded and used iPhone Explorer to copy those files to my hard drive. However, the question that I have is how do I change the file permissions so that they will work when I put them back on my phone? And what file permission should I give it 755? 777?

    Some mentioned using iCommander to change the file permissions which they said you can get in Cydia. Unfortunately, that is no longer the case. It's not listed/offered in Cydia anymore.

    Others suggested using BossPrefs. But it seems as though the support for that was stronger a couple of years ago as well. And I searched for instructions on how to use it to change the file permissions, and none were forthcoming.

    I know you can SSH into the phone and do it, but I was wondering if there were an easier option, as I want to keep it simple for those who I'll be sharing this with.

    Rest_Easy, you mentioned iFunBox, does that allow you to change the file permissions? If not, how do you change the file permissions? Do you change them with your computer before you put them back on the phone? If you do it via SSH, can you post a link that has the instructions on how to use SSH to do that?

    What do you suggest for Mac users? Thanks.

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    OK. I found out how to do it.

    I used iPhone Explorer ( to grab the files from my iPhone (see the paths to the files in my previous post) and save them to my Mac. Jailbroke and unlocked it. Then used iPhone Explorer to put the files back on in the same exact location, and immediately after I put them back on (BEFORE I tried to access them via their respective programs), I installed iFile from Cydia and changed the file permissions ("Ownership") for the "Owner" from "root" to "mobile." Under "Ownership", both the "Owner" and "Group" should have "mobile" as the ownership. That's the only thing you'll have to change for each file.

    Btw, after I finished the JB and UL, I synced my data back up. I wasn't going to sync my apps back right away, because I wanted to make sure that the battery issue had been taken care of. I had it for a while without putting the apps back on, and it definitely fixed it. However, when I put the apps back on, I synced about 91 apps all in one shot. I figured it was fixed. But now my Voice Memos app is acting a bit weird (freezing, etc.). Although it has gotten better since I did a couple of hard resets (kept on freezing). Also, when I try to add money to the Starbucks Mobile app via PayPal, it just goes to a white screen and hangs there. I was able to do it earlier, but that was before I added all of the apps back on.

    So should I do the JB/UL again, or should I delete all of the apps and then add them back on as I need them? Once they cause an issue, does that issue get fixed when you uninstall it, or is it like an OS issue where when the damage is done, it's done, and the only way to fix it is to either get a patch or redo the JB/UL?

    One more thing, staying logged into the App store DEFINITELY started draining the battery again. Logged out and it helped out a lot (SETTINGS>STORE>Log out).

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    Just wanted to give you guys an update. Since I've been using it for the past couple of days, it seems to have self-corrected itself. Now everything is working perfectly, and the battery life is GREAT! FINALLY!!

    Just to recap, what fixed it for me was, when I jailbroke it, I set it up as a new phone and did NOT restore from a backup. This, by far, is what fixed the issue for me the most. I first backed up my data via the above methods and did one last sync before I did it. Then after I jailbroke it and unlocked it, I put all of the data back on (see above how I did it) and synced it again.

    Second thing that helped the battery life get back to normal was logging out of the app store (SETTINGS>STORE>LOG OUT), as I mentioned above.

    Turning off Ping (iTunes's Social Network) in "Restrictions" (SETTINGS>GENERAL>RESTRICTIONS) also might have helped, but I'm not sure because I turned it off right after I jailbroke it since it was a known issue and I don't use it.

    Hope this thread helps someone avoid the pain that I went through for a few months, because I lacked the time to take care of this. Looking forward to the iPhone 5. Hopefully, since ATT has proposed to buy T-Mobile for $39 Billion, they'll make an iPhone that is compatible with TMO's HSPA+ network.

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    Once i installed some apps my battery is draining i turned off notifications for apps in settings. is there a way to restrict background data?

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