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Thread: Android and GPS software (Google Maps vs Nokia/Ovi Maps)

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    Android and GPS software (Google Maps vs Nokia/Ovi Maps)

    Hello everyone

    I'm searching for a new mobile phone (with touchscreen) to buy, I tend to like those based on Android but I just have one hesitation about it - the GPS software.

    So far I've been using Nokia (Ovi) Maps on my old Nokia N85, which, even though is not as advanced as Google Maps, it has two big advantages over it:
    (1) maps data can be downloaded to the phone, whereas Google Maps requires you to always be online to download maps data on the fly, which is particularly annoying when roaming and data costs are high
    (2) has voice guidance (for driving mode) wherever you use it, whereas Google Maps, as I understand it, only has voice guidance for use in the US

    My questions are therefore: is there a way to overcome these limitations of Google Maps, and is there some way in which Nokia Maps could be used on an Android phone (I know Nokia said they will release an Android version but I have no idea when or if that will happen)?

    Many thanks for any help!

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    I stopped using Ovi Maps when the GPS started tweaking out. (If you want me to explain, I will)

    If you set a route on the Google Nav, it will cache that route (store it on phone temporarily) on the phone and all the POI on the way to the destination. So, you would be able to use the Google Navigation, even if, you lose signal. I have had no issue with voice guidance using Google Nav, for ex: While driving with Navigation I say, "map of gas stations". It will overlay the gas stations within a 5 mile radius of me." However, if you are still apprehensive about using Google Nav then take a look at my suggestion below.

    CoPilot Live software can be used on Android, iOS, and Windows Mobile. The maps are stored on the SD Card, and it is only $5 for the U.S. map! Plus you get free updates through a provided software suite. And, it uses no data. They also allow voice guidance.
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    I agree copilot is the best for gps on the market and gives you a garmin type interface. And the price is awesome. And it calculates a route faster than google even when driving.

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    I can't agree more with copilot, so far one of the best and its all I used since

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