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Thread: Pre on prepaid?

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    Pre on prepaid?

    I bought a Pre from a Craigslist seller yesterday. Always been interesting in giving webOS a try and seeing how it compares to iOS (my usual).

    I have to wait until the end of the month to activate the phone since the guy ported out and apparently that's the rules. No biggie.

    I plan to activate the phone online with Bell. I don't need a data package but apparently the Pre needs data to activate and I do want to try it out for calls, SMS, etc so I'd like to have those functions working. Browsing etc I can do over wifi though.

    Anyone know if it'll let me activate it on prepaid? Any thoughts on working around the need for data to activate?

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    I'm using one on Page Plus here in the U.S., on a pay-as-you-go deal. The only time it needed to use data was after the phone was carrier activated (had its new number), and had to go through a set up on Palm/HP's server for built-in functions to be configured, which are optional after that, but you've got to set them up to satisfy the phone's firmware, before you can just have the phone on just for calls. After that, you can turn data off and never bother with it. Anything further syncing can be done via Wi-Fi. It used very little data, which in the case of Page Plus down here was just half of a dollar or so.

    I don't know what you might run into with your carrier. BTW, this procedure is exactly the same for the Pixi Plus, as they have the same OS.

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