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Thread: Battery Life

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    Battery Life

    Ok, I know I am new to the website, and I saw the sticky thread for problems, but wading through 21 pages of problems is a lot of work. So I am just going to come right out

    I am having batteries issues with my phone, used half a battery this morning. MAde 3 phone calls totalling 15 mins, and sent and recieved 75 text messages. My old blackberry was never this bad. Can anyone give me insight as to a way to keep this battery from dieing constantly. I have to be by a charger constantly

    Thank you for the insight

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    not much you can do. One thing that will boost it more is to shut the phone off when its fully charged and it will charge an extra 10% or so. You will see the light is still amber when the phone is first switched off and still charging. After 15 minutes or so it will be green. This can help extend the life a little while.

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