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Thread: AT&T capping broadband

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    Yup, this kinda sucks! 150gb (up to 250gb) a month is probably more than enough. I'm curious to know how much data my home network uses a month! However I just don't want to feel restricted and have to pay more when I'm at home! Especially when I put my WiFi enabled devices like my ST phone on the network. Anyone with me?

    Also AT&T better readjust and lower what they're charging now for broadband. Much like what they did when they started capping the data on their cellular service. Doing so might help attract newer customers that are light net users.

    Finally, this broadband data capping might put a kink in other service that heavily relies on the internet: cloud storage devices and programs; VOIP; use of Netflix, Hulu, online video games with console systems, etc!
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    I will probably switch to at&t sometime this year considering that my cable provider sucks. i have previously used another provider and currently do have a 250 GB cap so this shouldnt bother me Too much.

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