I thought I'd pass this on to those of you who have tried to get ringtones on your Straight Talk phone. I tried making .qcp ringtones but wasn't satisfied because the quality was terrible. This method will allow you to get mp3 ringtones on your LG 220c and may work for other ST phones.

It's very simple;
1. Upload your mp3 to http://www.makeownringtone.com and create your ringtone. Convert it at the lowest bitrate 32kbps.
2. Create a folder and download the ringtone to your computer.
3. Open the folder where you put your ringtone.
4. Go to the menu: Tools - Folder Options - View - and uncheck 'Hide File Extensions'
5. Now change the file extension on your ringtone from .mp3 to .qcp.
6. Upload your ringtone to http://www.davidpye.com/index.php?page=freewap (scroll to bottom of page)
7. Now download the ringtone to your phone. That's It!

After a few tries I discovered that the maximum file size that the LG 220c will accept is 63K or 64157kb, which will make about a 16 second mp3 ringtone at a bitrate of 32kbps.