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Thread: Check if SIM has been activated

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    Check if SIM has been activated

    Could someone answer this question or if you are an AT&T customer, maybe do me a favour?

    I want to buy an AT&T SIM from Ebay and activate it when I get to the US. However, you know how things can get pretty scammy out there.

    I came across this page on AT&T:

    Could someone who has an activated AT&T SIM please enter in their ICCID and tell me if it comes up with a message like "That SIM has already been activated"?

    Or, does anyone know another way to check if a SIM has been activated at AT&T? I called customer service, who said, the only way they could check is at time of activation - well, seeing as I can't just grab an AT&T SIM up here in Canada whenever I want, it would be a little too late to find out I land in the US and my SIM's ICCID is invalid.

    But you know how it is-- sometimes customer service agents are just robots and only know how to do the standard things. Maybe more experienced agents have a "tool" to check for SIM ICCID validity? Should I just keep calling back until I find an experienced agent?

    Thanks in advance to whoever could test this for me.

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    Just buy it from a reputable seller and there won't be a problem. Heck, buy 2 or 3 if you're worried about it, they're very cheap.

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    I got this message when I tried both a currently activated SIM card and a SIM card that has never been used:

    Quote Originally Posted by AT&T website
    We apologize for the inconvenience, but our system is temporarily unavailable. Please try again later.
    Check your PMs.

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