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Thread: If you switch phones do your "months" towards shrinkage carry over?

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    If you switch phones do your "months" towards shrinkage carry over?

    On Boost's website, they say that your shrinkage savings never go away as long as you keep your account active, but I just want to check if you switch phones do your months keep adding up??


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    deathtrip Guest
    Yes, as long as you are on the monthly unlimited plan.

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    As DeathTrip said, Yes it does carry over. However, be aware that you might have to call to get your shrinkage back. The only reason I point this out is, I just did a phone switch and the shrinkage did not carry over, so I had to make another call to Boost to get this corrected.

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    deathtrip Guest
    The only time I've seen the Shrinkage not carry over was moving to/from the i1, or a Boost Blackberry.

    But that was suppose to have been fixed by now, so if it isn't, as the poster above me said, just call in and tell them to fix it.

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