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Who is this "we" person?

I can't wait until we get LTE here, it's a race now between Verizon, U.S. Cellular and AT&T, I think it's safe to say Verizon will be first with it in our area, I can't say who will be 2nd or third on LTE.
You never know, AT&T could just say screw updating the HSPA network up there let's not waste our time and just move forward with LTE :P. Of course likely if they did that then you would get HSPA+ speed's from the enhanced backhaul, but better coverage from 700mhz if you guys have it in your area.

And since I have received my Galaxy S II I have found out that not every tower is software enabled for HSPA+. See unlike the AT&T branded devices that are set to show H+ whenever there is 3G, mine is an unbranded factory unlocked european device and it show 3G, H, and H+

Rural AL does not have HSPA+ enabled on the 3G network apparently, and the speeds show it. Urban area's have HSPA+, and Atlanta is almost all H+. I'm kind of curious to see if the software is enabled for H+.

Also when AT&T gets LTE in your area, it's going to be interesting to see if you have area's that are data only until they get VOLTE working since the voice network is GSM/HSPA on 1900mhz.