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Thread: HOW-TO Provision Motorola Droid Pro to Metro

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    HOW-TO Provision Motorola Droid Pro to Metro

    Ok I cant post in the "how-to" section but they can move it...

    I Couldnt find much about how to setup my Verizon Droid Pro to Metro So I figured it out reading a Bunch of different post on various forums to get it to work...

    First is to Setup up the MIN, MDN, CDMA System ID, and CDMA Network Settings

    To do this go to your phone Dialer and punch in ##PROGRAM -using Letters on the Number Pad- ##7764726 hit send; then Enter the SPC Code which should be 000000

    then go to:
    01 - User Activation
    MIN - your 10-digit phone #
    MDN - your 10-digit phone #
    CDMA System ID - 5109

    then check:
    03 - Extended NAM
    CDMA Network - 65535

    Phone will Reset

    Now you will need to load the Latest MetroPCS PRL File into the phone...

    You will need Motorola Droid Pro Drivers, HW Virtual Serial Port, QPST, and the Latest Metro PRL -I used HWVSP Ver.3.1.0, QPST Ver.2.7 build 264, and Metro PRL 3017-

    Install All Drivers and Apps...

    Turn off Wi-FI and when you plug in the phone go to the USB settings at the top pull down bar and set it to "PC Mode"

    Now you will launch HWVSP and set the IP to Port 11008
    -Uncheck ALL NVT Settings on the Virtual Serial Port and Settings Tabs-

    *TIP* If you run CMD from your Run Bar and at the Command Prompt Run ipconfig you will see your phones IP Address mine was so whatever yours is add one to the last set of IP #'s.

    Now Launch QPST Configuration and Add COM 3

    It should now recognize your Droid Pro...

    On the Top Bar Click "Start Clients" and select "Service Programming"

    The Service Programing App will launch... Select your "Online" Phone Hit OK
    It will ask to select a Phone Base I selected SURF6300-ZRF6300

    Now Click in the lower left corner "Read from Phone" and Wait...

    Once Phone has been read go to the "Roam" Tab, Click the Browse Button in the "Preferred Roaming" Section and select the METROPCS PRL file; then in the Lower Left Corner and hit "Write to Phone"

    Some warning messages will pop up I didnt click them or do anything once the Write Process is done the phone will reset; if the phone is still plugged into the USB it may start in "bootloader" mode so just disconnect the phone and reboot it...

    You will now be able to dial *228 and get Metro...

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    Good walkthrough but I want to point out three things -

    Your MIN is NOT always your phone number

    You forgot to mention getting your esn into the system

    What about the data settings for web and mms?

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    Ok Just an Update I had the Shut Off/Reset Issue with my Droid Pro and just got it back from Motorola...

    How I got Internet and MMS to work was as Follows...

    You will Need the NV txt file that is generated from the whiterabbit website and the MetroPCS Generated SPC code/password also found on the whiterabbit website, You will need CDMA Workshop 2.7, as well as the perviously above mentioned software from the Provisioning lesson...

    -Phone Settings are the Same as in Provisioning-
    Connect the Phone via HWVSP and run QPST and go into the Service Programming menu as we did in provisioning... -Note: Remember to "Read" the phone FIRST before making any changes!!!-

    -You more than most likely can do this at the same time as when provisioning the phone-
    This time you will go to the M.IP Section -highlight and select EDIT-and change where you see to

    Now on the PPP tab; and click on the "Um" and "AN" here you will change your #'s as above and below in the password section you will put in the 6-digit MetroPCS ESN Password you got from the whiterabbit site

    Now you will hit "Write to Phone"

    Let phone Reset and Load back up... Close QPST

    Now you will Run CDMA Workshop...
    Select your Com Port from the "Com Settings" Panel and Click Connect.

    Once Connected Click on "Read" you will see your phones Information pop up in a window on the Left; this means you are connected to the phone and Ready to apply your NV information that was created on the whiterabbit site.

    Now Click on the "Security" Tab at the top and in the "SPC" section put in 000000 then hit the SPC button and select Send. It will tell you the phone is unlocked.

    Now you will Go to the "Memory" tab on the top and in the Section on the lower right called "NV Items" you will hit the "Write" button it will ask you to send the SPC code message just click OK and now select the NV txt file that was generated on the whiterabbit site.

    It will complete and say 12 NV files written and ask you to reboot the phone...

    I said No to the reboot and exited and rebooted the phone Manually. Close CDMAWS

    Once the phone is Back up go back into QPST and Double check the and password settings. -I had to reenter my password and write it to the phone again-

    Now your MMS and Web should work; at least it did for me...
    I did NOT root the Phone...
    I did NOT rom the Phone...
    I did NOT do anything else but what I have posted here...

    Now this got my MMS and Web up...
    I do not know if this allows the GPS functions to work as well or about how to make it faster than 1x...
    Anyone with GOOD POSITIVE FEEDBACK/INFORMATION Feel Free to Add...

    Disclaimer: If you mess up your phone not My Fault Period...
    Note: Getting your ESN into the Metro System is a given and is your problem...

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    I figured Id post here since I've written so much on this posting already...

    I still can't send MMS I can get them but can't send... Has anyone figured an easy way to load an APN to fix this issue without having to root/rom the phone..?

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    Thanks to you

    Finally after two days of searching you have fixed all of my problems you are awesome

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    so are you getting 1x or 3g

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