I have negotiated a great plan which includes the following for $52.25 plus tax:
1) 300 Weekday minutes
2) Unlimited Evenings/Weekends starting at 6pm
3) Unlimited Incoming Calls
4) 6 GB of Blackberry or Iphone Data (you can switch between BB and Iphone anytime)
5) Rogers to Rogers Calling
6) 2500 Sent text messages/unlimited receiving text messages
7) Call Display
8) Name Display
9) Enchanced Voicemail
10) Tethering access

So if you take over the contract which has approximately 2 years remaining I will throw in my Blackberry Torch (no scratches/great condition) and case.

Think about what you are getting in this plan for just voice but also the no longer available 6GB plan that you can switch between Iphone/BB at any time. This is no longer available. Take over this unbelievable contract and I will throw in the BB Torch.