Root Call Blocker

Feeling paranoid? Reject calls from unknown and blocked numbers! Unlike all other apps calls are rejected before your phone begins to ring!

Enter Root Call Blocker, the only true cellular firewall available on Android.

Unlike all other call blocking apps, Root Call Blocker silently blocks calls at a system level, even allowing you to chose a network state reply.


Root Call Blocker is in Beta and needs testers! Many features have already been added with your suggestions in mind, and many more are coming before the final release.

Current features

- Your phone never rings
- Reject calls from any number, including those with "blocked" network ids
- Reject wildcard numbers
- Hidden mode (removes app elements until secret code is dialed)
- Choose a network reply (Reject, Alternate Reject or Dont answer)
- Block SMS
- Store or delete blocked SMS
- Use profiles to merge different black/ white lists
- Detailed logging
- Rejected call/ SMS notifications

Root Call Blocker is in Beta, and we invite everyone to download and try out the app!


Please follow the instructions in the app's Settings menu to send us logs of your error. Reproduce the error, then send the log.

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