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Thread: Please read here before you proceed!

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    Exclamation Please read here before you proceed!

    Please be advised that any of the links, games, applications, listed in this section are not tested, or approved by HowardForums or it's staff.

    You are 100% responsible for the applications in which you choose to download and install to your device.

    Members are welcome to post reviews to free and paid applications, but if we feel that a post is nothing more than pure spam, or linking to a website that expects payment for services, the link and or post may be removed.

    Again, please use your own discretion when downloading applications to your phone.

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    Additional Rules as of 09/24/13

    -- Posts over 1 month old MAY BE REMOVED.
    -- Any application Moderators feel may be questionable MAY BE REMOVED.
    -- Do not post multiple threads about the same application. Duplicate threads WILL BE REMOVED.

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