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Thread: Is there any way to stop 4g hotspot from sleeping?

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    Is there any way to stop 4g hotspot from sleeping?

    I just got it and already this is pi$$ing me off. There has got to be some way to disable this.

    I had an older linksys router with a PCMCIA evdo card from Sprint and didnt have this issue.

    Any help is appreciated!

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    Is that a USB device?

    If so, and if you run Windows, go into Show All Connections, find your device (adapter), right click, choose Properties/Advanced/Power Management. Unclick the only box.

    WHY this is the default for every USB device baffles me. It took me a year or two of frustration like yours as device after device would get inexplicably shut off. Every morning, unplug, replug. Aaaaaargh.

    Wrong default!

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