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Thread: Major problem with Samsung Galaxy Prevail

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    Major problem with Samsung Galaxy Prevail

    I've had a my Prevail for about a month now and aside from a couple of minor annoyances, it's been a great phone... Until today!

    I was talking with a friend of mine. We had been on the phone about twenty minutes or so when the phone vibrated a couple of times, the same way it does when you hit one of the buttons. It had never done this during a call before, but I don't actually talk on the phone that often. I hit the lock button to see if I had an incoming call, but it didn't show one. It did this a couple of more times, then I noticed that the screen was showing the Samsung logo (Like you see when you boot up or shut down) and wouldn't respond to the lock button anymore. Weird thing was, I could still talk to my friend at that point. After about a minute, he wasn't there anymore and I checked and the phone had literally shut itself off! I powered it back up, it came up like normal. I checked the battery and it was near full. Signal strength was five bars (I could see the tower from where I was at the time.) I called him back and when chatted for a few minutes (Maybe five at the most), then I felt the vibrates again. I hit the lock button, but this time nothing happened. We were on the phone for maybe another 20 or 30 seconds and then he was gone. I looked at the phone and it was at the "Samsung Galaxy Prevail" screen you see on boot-up. Instead of just shutting down, it re-booted itself this time!

    Once it came back up, I didn't call back, but I checked settings and checked for updates. I updated the profile, updated the PRL, the firmware update failed the first time, second time said there were no updates avaiable. The update check for Android said I was running the current version.

    A week ago, the same friend and I talked for about an hour, then I called my uncle and chatted with him about an hour with no problems on either call. No apps were active at the time. I have Facebook, Twitter, and Gmail which regularly check for new messages, but I've had those since I got the phone.

    Anyone have any ideas? Does Android have an error log like regular Linux and Windows do? Obviously, a phone that shuts down or re-boots during a call is totally unacceptable. Just trying to figure out if there's anything to try before I make a warranty or insurance claim?

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    All I can say is watch how you press that lock/power button, as I've tried to unlock my phone during a call
    to pull up the phonebook and accidentally turned the phone off. I could still talk until the phone made the
    "I'm shutting down" chime. This maybe what happened to you as well.

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    i was bought to say you should be able to reflash it back to factory even if its not rooted.

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