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Thread: Telus upped long distance charge???

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    Telus upped long distance charge???

    Hi, I have a really old plan (my original Mike plan when I joined with Clearnet), it's 11 years old. As part of the plan my long distance charge to the US was either $0.20 (or $0.25) a minute. Last month I made some long distance calls to the US. At the end of May, I downloaded my phone bill and got a shock - the charge for the US calls was almost doubled what I should have been charged. I tried to work out what the amount Telus charged me (really weird numbers and columns) and I just the got the rough estimate of $0.35 a minute. I was pissed that I wanted to call Telus to complain. That US long distance rate is part of my phone plan and I don't believe Telus can change it. Complain or drop it????

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    They also upped incoming SMS at 20 cents a pop. No big deal since I got a messaging bundle, though.

    Wait it out. We know iDEN's days are numbered, and when the network gets axed, it's going to be time to negociate a sweet deal.
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    call retention to get free ld !

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