I'm having an issue with my MyTouch 4G restarting by itself. The phone seems to randomly reboot, sometimes multiple times a day. Usually this happens when the screen is off and I'm not actively using it, it's rare that it will reboot in the middle of me using it.

The phone is about 4 months old, purchased from T-Mobile, and running the original firmware. It's unlocked but not rooted. This problem has been going on for a few months.

I've called T-Mobile on this 3 times (since it still has 8 months of warranty) but haven't gotten very far. They've reset the data on my account, had me clear off the phone and reset it all, and want me to call HTC to replace the battery even though I have another battery and it's changed nothing.

At this point, it's getting pretty frustrating. T-Mobile is really becoming no help at all (I seem to be having a multitude of problems lately where they always used to be great help). Is this a known issue with the phone or just a rare problem? Is there anything I can do to try and remedy the problem?

I'm wary to root due to a lot of issues I had with CM 6.1 and my old MT3G. I also like having the warranty (although by now, I would have expected a warranty replacement so that may be not so great after all). With this going on for so long, I was trying to hold out for for the 2.3 update to see if it would solve itself. Originally this was slated to be by the end of June but as that approaches, I'm pretty doubtful it's going to happen by then and really need to find a fix.

Thanks for any help!