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Thread: Get Apps for your LG 800G/Any java enabled phone

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    Get Apps for your LG 800G/Any java enabled phone

    Most people would just use Google for applications, but you'll end up with half of the apps you downloaded being incompatible or it just won't work.

    Just go to and select your device as "LG T310"

    Any other phone would work too.

    (However, a lot of apps can only be found through Google, so if it's not on GetJar, try Google. )
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    Unless I'm doing something wrong, none of the apps which should work for a Javame2 based phone work with the LG800, only Google maps. I wasted over 100 minutes at GetJar and simular places and could not get a single app to work. Many would load, but not fully function.
    Most of the apps I tried to download were GPS mapping programs. Sad to say it seems the GPS of the LG800 is locked (except for calls to 911 as required by law). None of the apps would recognize any GPS.
    Another dissapointment is the cable I bought to connect to my PC. The PC will find the 4gig card I purchased via the cable, but I can't find a way to download my Outlook email address book into it, nor an easy way to download phone numbers. Nor can I do the reverse and back up the LG800 cotacts into my PC (Windows XP) Am I doing this wrong? I didn't try Blue tooth, I don't have a bluetooth USB transponder on my desktop.
    At least it runs Google maps (with no GPS tracking). Google maps are cool because of the satalite views and layers. You can find your own house from space, zoom in, and see who your wife is having a party
    I do like the telephone keyboard; easy to use, few input errors. I also like the option to use common handwriting when texting.
    I live in a place with terrible cell reception and the tracfone works much better than my last Verizon for coverage.

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