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Thread: Huge roaming charges on BB. Which app is doing this?

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    Huge roaming charges on BB. Which app is doing this?

    Hi all..

    I have been using BB while roaming for at least three years, as I travel overseas every month or every other or so. I have unlimited international email activated (for $19.99), and I received my work email and a gmail on the machine. I never had any roaming charges until three months ago, where I have hundreds of dollars of internet charges while roaming, even though I never access internet abroad.

    I was told there may be a software that is doing this. I uninstalled pretty much every application except for the bare minimum on my BB, but still, I can see when I check my recent usage that there are some internet downloads happen every hour or so. This is driving me nuts!! Any help on this would be TREMENDOUSLY appreciated. If I can resolve this, I would be forced to just not use BB anymore, which would be too bad. Many thanks in advance.


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    Sam -
    Just occurred to me. Maybe the folks at would know the answer. I am finally trying to run a test. I now see no random repeating charges EXCEPT a miniscule .0009/mg 2-3 times a day.

    I finally am going to run some tests. I believe that, by default, if you are on wifi, data will go over wifi by default. I'll disable wifi connection to make sure everything is going via cell tower.

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    Possibly Google Sync is the culprit

    Are you using Google Sync to back up your contacts, tasks, etc? If so, it may be the culprit. It transfers data over the internet to sync in the background at regular intervals. If you are using it, turn it off when traveling overseas. I had a bunch of $0.37 charges after a recent trip. Also, check to see if any other apps are checking in with their "home bases" automatically. Finally, email comes through fine via WiFi, so you might try turning off your cellular network signal and just operating over WiFi if possible.

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