My new Droid X2 was having GPS troubles today. I was powered down over night and today when I tried to use the GPS, it was broken. All the applications that relied on GPS (Weather Bug, Navigator, Google Maps, etc) had me in Durham NC. Looking out my window I could confirm with great certainty I was still in NJ.

I had Google, GPS and Verizon location services enabled. Disabled/Enabled them in various combinations did not help. Did a battery pull also, just for good measure.

The problem seemed to be that the GPS was not locking on. The GPS bug would blink when I launched Maps, and stay blinking. After 5-6 minutes it still had not locked.

When I launched "GPS Status" it could see the satellites but none were "fixed". I pulled battery and no change, Left GPS Status" running on the charger, and after an hour came back to it and it had a fix.

Tried GPS later this afternoon and all seems well.

Anyone else have this trouble with a Droid X2?