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Thread: New Droid Incredible 2 Problems

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    New Droid Incredible 2 Problems

    Good afternoon. I am having several issues with my new Incredible 2 and could use some help.

    1. E-mail syncing with my yahoo mail is extremely slow to pull in new messages, not deleting on phone when deleted in yahoo and visa versa.

    2. Trouble linking FB profile pictures with contact list. Even if you go in one by one and manually try to set it up it does not take.

    3. Not alot but randomly once or twice a day when typing a text the keyboard is lighting up when you are typing but does not show in text box. I hear by end of this week an update is supposed to fix this. Any ideas?

    4. Keeps coming up with folks it recommends to sync with FB profile picture that I have either accepted or rejected previously ?

    Any help is appreciated.

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    A factory reset would probably cure the problems, but that's a harsh remedy because you lose everything. Try removing the battery and doing a soft reset. If that doesn't work download MyBackup from the Market and back up your files and settings. Then do the factory restore and once restored restore from your backup. Although MyBackup is supposed to save all your system settings and homescreens, it will miss a few.

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